Entry #1

New Movie

2007-12-02 11:27:29 by worldofpeach

The final draft is done and posted. Overall pleased, but has lots of room to improve

New Movie


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2007-12-02 11:57:14

that movie was fantastic! can't wait to see more from you

worldofpeach responds:

Hi man,
Sorry for not replying but only just noticed I had any post responses. Anyway thanks for the support, I can't wait to do more


2008-01-09 15:51:11

i beat your going to do werewolves next right? if not why not do a lesser known monster like the jersey devil????

worldofpeach responds:

Nah, you're wrong (for the moment), I've got other ideas I want to try out first.

BTW what's a jersey devil? Never heard of it.